Saturday, December 30, 2023

Holiday Treats

These adorable crocheted macarons were this year's handmade ornament, and while you can't eat them, they're still pretty sweet! 

This paragraph is the knitty gritty details, so if you don't crochet or have any interest in yarncraft, you can skip it! French Macaron Cookies pattern by JuliHMtoys available in her Etsy Shop. Macarons crocheted with a C-hook in Lion Brand Yarn's TruBoo, rayon yarn made from bamboo; this was my first time using it, and admittedly I chose it for the colors, slightly glossy finish and (crucially!) the fact that it was on sale and the correct weight for my project; but like everything from Lion Brand, it's a very nice yarn to work with and I recommend it heartily. Colors: Goldenrod, Mulberry, Mint, Light Blue and Cameo, with soft Silver for the frosting. (They do make a bright white as well, but it was not in-stock at the big box store on the day I was shopping, so I went with the best shade available.)

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