Friday, September 22, 2023

JB2320: A Christmas Story

This fortnight at Jingle Belles, we're asking you to create a card inspired by the many holiday books or movies that we all adored in childhood (and likely still adore them today). So whether you love “A Christmas Carol”, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” or “It's a Wonderful Life” we're asking you to create a card inspired by your favorite holiday book or movie. Here's what I made:

Growing up, my favorite holiday story was "Twas the Night Before Christmas" so much so that my mother absolutely swears I could recite the entire thing when I was two and a half; I think that's a teeeeeeeny bit of an exaggeration but I certainly had memorized it before I learned to read, and it's one of the very few things I still know by heart all these years later. Over the years I've found or been gifted a number of editions, all of which I treasure. A few years ago, I scanned some of my favorite illustrations and reduced them so that I could use them on cards. Here I've paired a Santa page with a (digital) Jenni Bowlin Holiday Bingo Card, a small cardstock tree diecut and some coordinated patterned papers from my stash. Three Eyelet Outlet Peppermint Candies and a scrap of embossed cardstock add a little extra texture.

Be sure to visit Jingle Belles to see Stephanie's awesome card (it *might* be inspired by the film "A Christmas Story") and then start planning what film, tv special or book will inspire YOUR card.

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  1. You are so good at combining papers and adding a collage of wonderful elements Lauren! I love this card!

    When I was about 13, I took part in a school production of 'Oh What a Lovely War' . I had to speak-sing a song which started 'A silly German sausage dreamt Napolean he'd be...' and that's it - that's all I remember!! Your two and a half year old self trumps my 13 year old efforts for sure!! Vicky x


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