Monday, August 1, 2022

The Last Round-up

...of 2022's ICAD cards. What? It's August already? Boy is this summer flying by! It seems like only yesterday it was June first and I had a brand new Index Card a Day book that was colorful, but flat and empty:

And now, just look at it:

Here are the last week's cards, in reverse order, starting with today's bonus Mandala Monday:

Day 62: Mandala Monday
Ok, technically, ICAD ended yesterday, with my 61st card, but I couldn't resist just one more super-collagey mandala!

Day 61: Prism
Slightly tangential take on the prompt, as I chose to omit the actual prism and go right for the rainbow colors it would produce. And then doodle on them. Obviously.

Day 60: Happiness
Happiness is cutting fishy shapes out of paper scraps and gluing them onto an index card. Fact.

Day 59: Clean Up Collage
Park your tiny car collage in the tiny collage garage.
(After... that is... you park all the loose bits of collage fodder from your worktable onto one card, in a fairly random sort of way!)

Day 58: Off Prompt
 I feel like this collage needs one… more… thing…; but since I couldn't figure it out in time, I posted it anyway. ICAD is like that!

Day 57: Luminous
Neon yellow card plus bright green Tombows. I was going for leafy zendoodle and wound up with ultra mod Jack and the Beanstalk...

Day 56: Orange
I like drawing hibiscuses. I had planned to blend the color bands into each other, but in the end, I sort of liked the funky stripey look, so I left it.


And thus another year of ICAD is concluded! A gigantic THANK YOU to the very awesome and delightful Tammy Garcia for devising and hosting this TWELFTH year of Index Card a Day festivities. Be sure to check in with her throughout the rest of the year, because she's always cooking up ideas, prompts, tutorials, classes, zines and more. If you're looking for inspiration, Daisy Yellow Art is the perfect place to start!

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