Friday, August 12, 2022

Hey Skinny Santa

We're so lucky to have awesome friends at Jingle Belles. A few weeks ago, when our pal Lela Meinke came across a new-to-us holiday song, "Hey Skinny Santa" by JD McPherson she emailed us the video and the brilliant idea of using it as inspiration to make SLIMLINE holiday cards this fortnight! So that's what we're going to do!

I have a lot of washi tape. No really, even by crafty/hoardy standards, I have A LOT of washi tape. So when I started to think about this challenge, I thought it would be a good idea to make a dent in my older tape supply by making my slimline card panel out of tape. But then I had to decide whether to go with lots of red tapes, with hints of aqua; or lots of aqua and green tapes, with hints of red. In these situations, I've often found that making a decision can take longer than just doing both... so I just did both. I mounted both panels on coordinating cardstock, found a couple of fun Lawn Fawn tags to augment with Eyelet Outlet Brads (Holly and Cardinals, to be precise) did a tiny bit of machine stitching and called it a day.

Won't you join the Skinny Santa fun with us at Jingle Belles? Just make a slimline holiday card and link it up today!


  1. Love these! You put those washi tapes to good use!

  2. These are fantastic. Awesome use of washi tape, the tags and of course those adorable brads.


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