Saturday, June 19, 2021

Week 3, In the Bag

I'm still having fun making an Index Card a Day. Even more, actually, because now that my sister, niece and friends are done with school for the summer, we've been dedicating our Family Art Time on Friday afternoons to ICAD, which gives me a nice jump on the week!   

day 12: off prompt
despite having PLENTY of lined, plain, tabbed and colorful index cards left in my ICAD stash, I made a special trip to staples for gridded cards at the beginning of june. i stand by that decision!

day 13: lyrics
flashing back to a prompt i skipped over in week one; mostly as an excuse to sit and handcut some wonky letters out of paper scraps. non je ne regrette rien...

day 14: mandala monday
not gonna lie, this is one of my all time favorite mandalas! the center circle is a scrap of dcwv patterned paper that i outlined; then i drew and colored the outer mandala rings to match. i think it's the most successfully i've ever blended my own additions to something storebought.

day 15: off prompt
i took a break from handcutting letters during family art time... and handcut foliage instead!!!

day 16: off prompt
a one staple collage celebrating the fact that i saw my second red winged blackbird on monday! 
(the first one was spotted like two years ago and i have actively scanned every bit of marshy or reedy ground i've seen since then without result; hence my joy now!)

day 17: color wheel
technically speaking these are stacked rainbow circles. but as i was semi-thinking about the color wheel during the day, i started dissecting it into COLORS and WHEELS and this is what happened. the prompts are meant to be a spark, that starts us off with an idea; you can let them take you ANYWHERE!


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