Saturday, June 12, 2021

This Is the Week That Was

...or to put it more succinctly: Here's a round up of all my Index Card Art from this, the second week of ICAD 2021:

day 5: verdigris
my favorite example of verdigris is also my favorite nyc landmark, lady liberty. she's printed on an inkjet transparency and the centerpiece of a one-staple collage.

day 6: twist
someone on instagram pointed out that my twisty zentangle on a greenish-teal index card would also count as a second take at "verdigris" and i'm cool with that.

day 7: mandala monday
most years, my mondays go completely off-prompt in favor of mandala making. for this week's version, i invented the one-staple mandala! 
(there's a flipagram on IG showing all the layers.)

day 8: umbrella
while making this one, i was listening to a wonderful and magical audiobook called "the watchmaker of filigree street" which has a mikado-related subplot; so my umbrellas are made of origami paper and sort of japanese-y.

day 9: ampersand
i thought this cluster of ampersand stickers was going to be part of a more complicated and layery collage, but then i really liked it like this, so i just stopped. maybe the most CAS design i've ever made?

day 10: ribbon
sometimes the combination of two ideas adds up to more than the sum of its parts, and sometimes, not so much, lol. i like both my tombow-drawn rainbow ribbon AND my scrunched and stitched actual ribbon; but... as it turns out, i don't like them TOGETHER. 

day 11: library
another card where i can't say i'm in love with the end result, but there ideas here that i like, which i will definitely revisit, so it was a useful and fun card to make. (plus: ZINNIAS!)


Just a reminder that all the info you could possibly need about ICAD2021 (including completely optional weekly prompt lists) can be found on the Daisy Yellow Art Blog. My individual ICADs are posted nightly on my Instagram account.


  1. Wowza ... one staple mandala ... CAS Ampersands on library card ... vintage library magic ... love them all so much.

  2. You are always an inspiration and these are no exception. Wonderfully done.

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