Saturday, June 26, 2021

I Am an ICADian

...and here are my index cards from week four of the Index Card a Day event. i hope your week has been both fun and creative, as well!

day 18: off prompt

when i started this, i *thought* it was going to be a mandala, but after i had attached the white doodle circle to the pink card, it seemed like it would be more fun to try to connect up the design outside the circle. so i did.

day 19: parallel

considering i started this card with three smallish scraps of patterned paper and NO PLAN... i'm fairly pleased with how this came out!

day 20: off prompt

this was the day i finally got to the garden center plants to go on our deck, next to the mailbox, and by the door... so obviously i needed to celebrate with big smooshy pink flowers.

day 21: mandala monday

most of the time i trade speed for accuracy when it comes to mandalas, but on this day, i used both the circle tool and a ruler to increase my symmetry; then had fun varying my line weights and embellishments!

day 22: chartreuse

flashing back to a prompt from last week, although technically i think i've used EVERY shade of green EXCEPT chartreuse, lol. 

day 23: off prompt

apparently this summer i'm going to spend several nights each week cutting random shapes out of patterned paper scraps, sticking them to an index card and sewing on them.

day 24: off prompt

it's a minimalist doodle rainbow! taking advantage of the fact that index cards have a bunch of perfectly spaced parallel lines that are almost exactly the width of a tombow's brush tip.


  1. Love them all but I think the squares are my favorite ... have you been doing ICAD sessions with the family this year?

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