Sunday, March 22, 2020

MARCH-ing On

Would this be a good time for a Travelers Notebook update? Because somehow, when we weren't looking, two thirds of March rushed past and the season changed from winter to spring! All of my supplies, of course, are from The Ink Pad.

March 2020 started on a Sunday and uses four full weeks, plus three days. This is not something I would ordinarily notice, but since I'm working in the Free (Blank) Monthly Diary and need to format each month, it's something I had to think about in order to label the days and lay them out correctly. So this month, the title of the month is at the bottom right of my spread, because there was more room to place my overview using Everyday Explorers Co Planner Months set and a bit of handlettering just for fun. The days of the week, from the Calendar Days set, are still up top.

The regular sized TN insert is slightly bigger than my MISTI, but by flipping it around and letting the book hang off the non-hinge edge, I could still use it. Which was nice, because I wanted to neatly line up a bunch of the faux postage icons from EEC's Choose Your Own Adventure set in the margin, and frankly, I would not have had the confidence to do that freehand.

I had finished my entire spread and was getting ready to put the Free Monthly Diary back into my Regular Sized Binder, but there just seemed to be something missing. I auditioned more stamps, and several styles of MT Washi Tape, but nothing seemed quite right. In the end, it turned out what I needed was just a nice bright border around the month, which I made using a Zig Dot Marker in Kiwi!

I considered not showing my TN Weekly page this time, because honestly, it's such a JUMBLE! Lots of info and updates about CoViD-19; a record of things that got cancelled, mingled with random positive stuff I made a point of noticing... really there's much more here than a well-composed page should ever have. But then it occurred to me how well this reflects exactly what this week was like!!! Which is the whole entire point of journaling, right? So here it is, warts and all:

And finally, though I've shown my cover before, I do still love the collagey goodness and especially the 2020 library card in its pocket, which will allow me to update and reuse my personalized Regular Sized Binder for years to come!

The Ink Pad's Chelsea Store is still closed for a bit, but so be sure you've signed up for the newsletter to get updates as they happen. Meanwhile, stay well and stay crafty!

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