Sunday, January 7, 2018

(not quite) mandala monday

technically speaking, it won't be mandala monday for almost another twelve hours, but i just finished listing some fun mini sketchbooks and watercolor sketchbooks that i made. they're in my etsy shop, just enough stuff, and i really couldn't wait to show them off!

the books are different sizes, shapes and have various paper types, so click the caption beneath each photo to read the complete details in the listing!

this one is just over 4x6", has blank, white, light-cardstock pages, and a hand-drawn, ink-colored mandala split between the front and back covers

a smaller book, just about 5" square, this one's pages are made of canson mixed media sketchbook paper, which is my favorite type of general-use paper and it's great for collage, sketching, etc; you can even do a bit of watercoloring if you don't get too very watery, lol

the biggest book of this lot, it's nearly 5x7" and has pages of the same mixed media sketchbook paper as above

just about 5" square, this one is filled with strathmore cold press watercolor paper, which is a really nice, middle quality choice-- sturdy enough to stand up to real watercolor painting, but not so fancy that you can't just play without feeling guilty

very similar to the one above, but a slightly more rectangular page. both of the last two are top-bound because i find that sometimes i'm fighting the binding when it's on the side, so i thought i'd see if this helps (and i think it really does!)

i do hope you're having a wonderful day and that you'll get to spend at least part of it doing something creative and FUN, darlings!


  1. They all so much fun . Pink lemonade caught my eye. X

  2. Fantastic sketchbooks, the blueberry is the one I zoned in on. love the blue/purple mandala and the size of it is a perfect starter size. one day I will "start"

  3. These are stunning, Lauren! Jo x


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