Tuesday, December 5, 2017

shake, rattle and/or roll?

this week's challenge at shopping our stash is called, "i like to move it, move it" and we'd like to see projects that have an element of movement, so add a wobbler, make a shaker card, play with a slider design, or heck, even stamp characters and give them googley eyes! put your thinking cap on and have fun with this one!

patterned paper: basic grey, mambi + vintage text, sheet music and ledger paper; plastic window: a bit of packaging i saved; tree die: sizzix; ancient jar of microbeads i've used on every shaker card i've ever made and there are still plennnnnnnnty left: beedz; burlap poinsettia and velvet holly leaf: petaloo; adhesives: elmers brand gluetape, 3m foam tape, sewing machine

yep, i made a shaker. being the least engineery of cardmakers, in situations like this, i tend to flop right down into my comfort zone. plus... i really do actually LIKE shaker cards and i never make enough of them. for this one i made a white-on-white collaged background from various text, ledger and music papers, then diecut my favorite (ancient!) sizzix tree out of the center. i up-cycled a piece of plastic packaging to serve as a window, then applied a gazzillion tiny wedges of foam tape to "seal" the area right around the tree, added (also ancient) microbeads and sewed the whole panel to my folded (ancient basic grey patterned paper) card, just as an extra added level of defense against escaping microbeads. ;) i seriously considered leaving this as a flat and cheap-to-mail card, but at the very end i caved and added a poinsettia and holly leaf. because that's the way i roll...

hop over to SOS and see what my amazing dt darlings have come up with to inspire you! ♥


  1. This is a great card. I never make shaker cards as I never can seal them properly so the stuff leaks out. Alway awsome to see a great one. x

  2. Amazing shaker card, I love the poinsettia and the collagy background, they are all awesome. I must look up how to make a shaker without the plastic shaker cup.

  3. Beautiful shaker Lauren!
    Love the tree and the pretty papers!

  4. I ahhh in awe of your creativity-- so awesome that you used a radical vintage collage to diecut from for your shaker! And every time you use ancient BG I spot it! Just terrific card.

  5. Love this shaker..the snow in side the tree is fab.


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