Friday, December 8, 2017

ALL the xmas cards

we've just wrapped up our 7th season at ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ so this seems like a great time to show ALL the holiday cards* i made this year:

we'll be back on january 1st to start all over again... and we'd love for you to join us whenever you can!

*if you've never taken a pic of your "card pile" may i highly recommend starting the tradition this year? when you're midway through 2018 and feeling a bit uninspired, it will cheer you up and keep you going to remember how many awesome ones you made this year!!! ♥


  1. As always the prompts are great the inspiration from both of you were awesome. and I have at least 24 holiday cards oh more because I love Pink Christmas and make you pay and of course the vintage one. Thanks for all your hard work and fun See you January 1st.

  2. What an impressive collection of cards you've made throughout this year. I really want to join you in your challenges come January. I've left two design teams and hope that'll give me more time to play along. As always, I love looking at your fabulous creations.

  3. Look at that pleather of wonderful cards you have ready to send out to your family and friends. X


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