Sunday, December 10, 2017

more tiny collages

because it turns out that 2 x 3" is a really fun size to work with, especially in little groups!

i know that #PutABirdOnIt is kind of a papercrafting joke, but i still really like collages with birds. especially these egrets, who all came from the same page of a vintage bird book, and are pleased to have been relocated as a group.

and no, i'll *NEVER* get sick of flowers. in any context. ever. so there.

vintage hawaiiana... oh how i love you. especially 1970's alohawear advertisements.

my cousin andrew's five year old son, karson, voted for zoo animals on this set of collages, and helped me choose which ones to feature. 
(we made some cards together too; i've actually never met a five year old with as much design sense as karson has, it's pretty awesome!)

every once in a while i sit and fussycut images that are much too big, and then kick myself for not measuring or, you know, trying to generally have a clue, lol. but then sometimes, i come up with a solution that's literally outside the box. plus... butterflies + postage are kind of cool together. who knew??

hope you are having an awesome, not-too-frantic, december weekend!
(try to sneak in some fun creative time, even if it's just making address labels for your holiday cards, which is what i'm going to do RIGHT NOW!)


  1. Love these, I see a little Hawaiian crept in there lol. So nice for you to craft with a young one too. I was to card make yesterday but 5 inches of snow had other ideas and a VERY excited puppy took over . X

  2. Gorgeous, love the butterfly ones although the egrets are awesome as are the flowers. dag-nab-it they are all awesome!!!

  3. Wonderful little works of art and those Egrets do look like the Japanese crane. My mother loved them, she would love these little treats. Love all of them myself. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  4. These are all beautiful. I so enjoy seeing what you put together.


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