Tuesday, November 28, 2017

snow far, snow good

we are having "snow much fun" this week at shopping our stash; by which i mean we'd like to see cards with ♥SNOW♥ on them. since "on a card" is by far the best place for snow, imo, (being infinitely preferable to, "on the roads" or "in the forecast" for example) let's get to it, shall we?

i'm quite proud of my stash usage this week because pretty much every single item involved in both of these cards is older than my nephew matthew. who turned *10* in september! the snowman and snowflakes are the oldest, they are aaaaaaaaaaancient doodlebug stickers that i really like, but never quite knew how to use. i'm not sure i've done them proud, but i have used them up; and i've got two perfectly serviceable cards out of the venture, so i'm calling it good.

i've also used up some scraps of elderly KI memories paper and a DCWV sticker that turned out to be absolutely perfect to fill in the much too big gap of white glitter paper snow on the second card. things that are not old in this post are the aforesaid best creation white glitter paper of which i use 5 or 6 sheets every single year, mostly for snowy foregrounds... (why does no one else make a good, diecut-able, white glitter paper??!) ...and the set of trees-on-hills dies by penny black* that give instant perspective to any landscape.

why not toboggan, sled, or sleighride your way right on over to shopping our stash and see the amazing snow-centric creations by those wizards of blizzards, my SOS design team darlings?! ♥♥♥

*here's a hint about similar looking dies that come in a set: NUMBER them on the back if you don't want a depressing pile of "dang i cut the wrong one again" diecuts to accumulate in your workspace. ;)


  1. Those snowmen are stickers? wow I think you have done fabulous scenes with them. I'm sticker challenged along with all the countless other items I'm challenged with.

  2. Ohhhhhhh fab snowy scenes you've created from your stash there teammie!!
    Love em!

  3. These snowmen are perfect...of course, I think that of just about *any* snowman! I love your cards, Lauren! :)

  4. Great job, Lauren! Terrific snow scenes, and AMAZING stitching!!! You are incredible on a sewing machine! (And I agree with your comments about snow being best on a card!)

  5. Adorbs! Love the color palette too, so fun and fresh.


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