Saturday, November 11, 2017

bursting with color!

in other words, here are a few colorburst projects i've made lately:

an autumnal sketchbook collage that uses up the last couple of "demo leaves" from the leaf card class i taught in sept/oct at paper anthology. for the record: NO, i never, ever, get tired of colorburst-ed autumn leaves!

but then i never get tired of florals, either. 
these are verrrrry loose and combine cerulean with indigo...

...whereas these are a slightly more structured blend of fuchsia, peony and wisteria!
(not to be mysterious, but both the floral pieces are actually going to be ingredients in something i'm still working on...)

end-of-the-night doodles on an offcut of watercolor paper on which i had previously used up some rainbow shades of pre-mixed colorburst. i tend to accumulate quite a few of these loose ones, and they are really fun to doodle on. 

but then when they're "done", i tend to just put them in a box together, which always seems a little dull. at least my sketchbook pieces get to keep each other company. so last week it occurred to me to bind all the "extras" into their own little book, and doodle on them whenever the mood strikes me. 

behold, the little book of doodles!

don't the loose rainbow pages look happier already?

i cut a larger cloud painting in half, to use for the covers...
and then i doodled on the clouds, too! 

i feel like this is a project that i will be enjoying for a good long time. 
every time i see my little book of doodles, it makes me smile! 


  1. I'd be hard pressed to choose a favorite here. They're all so beauteous.

  2. Beautiful colourful work - loved this post.

  3. gorgeous work, love all of them but that first one is beautiful, my colourburst does NOT look like that/


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