Saturday, September 2, 2017

yes it's ANOTHER round up :)

because i haven't posted my collages or colorburst essperiments in a week or so, lol, so here ya go:

i found the coolest ever japanese kids' card game a couple of years ago in san diego, and i immediately set aside this adorable bunny as a sort of mascot. then, the other night, i was making a "clean up" collage and suddenly he was the perfect centerpiece. 
(ps: the torn, tattered, and seriously yellowed glassine envelope that i've used to frame mr. bunny makes me want to go through every box of random papers at every rummage sale from now on, just in hopes of finding more torn, tattered, and seriously yellowed glassine envelopes. hubba, hubba! ♥♥♥)

i am still obsessed with trying to replicate the collages of sophie klerk. i expect i will be for a while. the strip ones that run a series of images across in a line are some of my favorites. this one has a "pink" theme, as you'll have noted.

this little guy was a smoosh bird i had done as a demo when my friend lorraine was here one day. i had also been showing a couple of ways to blend colorburst (or keep colors close but separate) with a brush. a few days later--august 21st, actually-- these serendipitous shapes suddenly looked very eclipse-like to me, lol!

a "cleanup collage" that i made rather than put away a bunch of assorted bits of paper and tape that were on my table. also, fezzes are cool!

stephanie, whose link love posts every thursday are amongst my favorite things in the whole entire blogiverse, also emails me links to things she thinks i'll like-- with pretty much a 100% success rate as to that! i'm now thoroughly obsessed with koosje koene's sketchbook skool videos, but the tangential thing i was fascinated with in this one is that she said one of her beloved tools in her basic kit was the sort of rainbow colored magic pencil found in the kid art department. which set me off on what i suspect will be a continuing series of line drawings which come out in whatever color sequence the magic pencil decides to dispense!!!

another of my recent instagram art crushes is marissa seguin. i love ALL her art, but i'm especially fascinated by a series of whimsical collaged buildings she did over the summer. at some point, i'm guessing i'll attempt collages like those, but on this particular night, i just wanted to get out my colorbursts and paint... so that's what i did!



  1. Love your "round-up" all of them are fab. but love the big eyed bird and that one with the crossword puzzle, who-da thought to use that?

  2. There's a symphony of oohing and ahhing going on in my head! I learned so much from our little session together and totally can see that eclipse. (I also see a little otter face looking at those tail feathers!) I know I have one or more of those pencils somewhere. Time for a scavenger hunt.

  3. Wonderful bits of color and fun Lauren.


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