Sunday, October 9, 2016

some of my favorite sketchbook pages...

...are actually the ones i like *LEAST*. i realize that sounds like a contradiction, but hear me out: a big part of the point of a sketchbook (imo) is to practice, experiment and try new things. and seriously, when did you ever do something perfectly the first time?? so i get sort of excited about the "clunker" pages, because they mean i'm not playing it safe all the time. give yourself permission to make something "UGLY" once in awhile; i guarantee you'll make something you would not have made otherwise. (it's also really fun!) meanwhile, here are some pages from the last few weeks, of all different levels of like and dislike:

this thing is wonky as heck, but i really like it. the #BackToPattern prompt was "QUILT". i'm not sure how it wound up covered in citrus fruits and pizza, but it makes me smile every time i look at it. :)

 playing around with fonts for the #FallLetteringChallenge... the prompt was "ACORN" as you may have guessed...

more #backtopattern, this one was "WAVES". some days i think it's really vibrant and beautiful; some days i just go, "ack". i really like the blendy + not-so-blendy bits of color burst on this, though, which i got by sprinkling various shades of the pigment powders onto my wet paper and letting them do whatever they did.

"DOTS" for #backtopattern. absolutely hate how this looks. 

last week's #SistersWithHeartInArt prompt was, "YOUR GO-TO" which i think was a brilliant thing to ask for. it turns out almost everybody with a daily art habit does have a "go-to" subject or format they return to again and again. i've found my tribe, lol.

one last B2P for the day: "LEAVES". i wanted to practice drawing this sort of big tropical palm-type foliage, i've always mangled the shape up to now. turns out, if you draw the same thing over and over and over, you kind of cannot help getting better at it. does that sound boring? how about if ya get to paint them in super-crazy, bright shades of color burst at the end??! ;)

i hope you're having a beautiful, fun and creative sunday... try to squeeze in some art time, k?! ♥


  1. These are all beautiful, I have never seen a piece of your work that isn't. Love the waves and fabulous work on Acorn.

  2. I love seeing these on Insta... you are such an artist... do you wake up to a colorful pillow because your dreams leak out when you rest?

  3. Hi Lauren. I just love your gorgeous doodle art! Wow, how fabulous! Hugs, Autumn

  4. You think these are ugly? Holy smokes, I think they are all fabulous, especially love the blendy waves! Deb xo


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