Sunday, October 2, 2016

sketchbook sunday?

i didn't plan on this being a regular feature, but it turns out i still have a few "retroactive" bits and bobs that've been posted to instagram or facebook, but somehow never blogged, so here ya go. coincidentally, most of these are watercolors in which i've used color burst pigment powders by ken oliver crafts; and for some reason there's a really strong predominance of green. i guess i was in a green phase...?

i'm really proud of this one, because i think it might be the best watercolor i've done of anything realistic without a sketch underneath, just going in with paint and thinking about shapes and color. 
(which is harder than it sounds, lol!)

rarely does a week go by without someone asking, "hey lauren, do you know how to draw an artichoke?!"* yes. yes, i do!

about a month ago, ken oliver posted a color challenge on his blog, to create something with turquoise, chartreuse, yellow ochre and burnt umber color burst. so i painted a mandala...

...and also a little beachy scene.

speaking of mandalas: this one's got a pineapple theme!
(which is sliiiiiightly less weird than it sounds; "PINEAPPLE" was the prompt that day in the #backtopattern challenge on instagram)

another #backtopattern entry: this one was "STRIPES".

meanwhile, the #sisterswithheartinartprompt last week was "SUCCULENTS".
(and YES, if you haven't already noticed, my "default drawing" is almost always a mandala.)

finally, a fish. one that's so pschedelic, i almost think we should call him a PHISH, lol. i'm honestly not sure what the inspiration for this was, i found it waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in my sketchbook before this one. i do really like those waves though... and i've used a bunch of different shades of color burst together, but you can still see distinct patches of most of them, which is kinda cool...

*this is a total lie, no one's ever asked me that, not in my entire life. but artichoke was one of the prompts in @AisFor Anika's #BackToPattern challenge on IG and it made me think, "i wonder if i know how to draw an artichoke?" (right there is EXACTLY what i love about challenges and prompt lists: they make you wonder... and sometimes create... things you'd never consider on your own! ♥♥♥ 


  1. All of them are gorgeous but the first and the last are my top picks, The pineapple mandela is intriguing. You are so talented and make it look easy. still chicken to work in my sketch book.


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