Monday, February 1, 2016

painty and colorful

once again i find that i've got a backlog of things made for various prompts set by sisters with heart in art, the instagram art group i'm in. we've been having a ball, choosing a new theme each wednesday, and everyone is welcome to join in! this week it's RAINBOW, so i broke out the cool set of frixion color pens that gina gave me for a marathon doodling session!

last week's prompt was PEACOCK. i love the palette and the shapes, so i did some watercoloring with lots and lots (and LOTS!) of machine stitching on top.

the week before that, we had CUP. i had intended to draw a traditional teacup and saucer. i'm not sure how it turned into a fanciful lotus teacup, but it did, so i just went with it:

finally i have a few random colorburst paintings, sort of vaguely back to the RAINBOW theme, but a lot looser. some wavy striped circles...

...and some random paint splodges that i doodled upon... very messy, but fun.

one more colorburst painting, this one is loosey-goosey flowers in kind of a pam garrison(ish) style, just playing around.

it seems like i cannot get enough color in the winter, especially when there are still such mountains of snow piled everywhere! hope you are keeping well, getting enough vitamin c AND enough art play time, darlings! ♥♥♥


  1. Speechless... No, wait, I have a comment: I'm not worthy!

    I want a fabric made from the bottom one.

  2. I sit here in AWE of your work. They are vibrant and beautiful and we really need some colour. Our snow is just about gone the temp will be 10 c. approx. 50 F. on Wednesday, unfortunately then it's back to the deep freeze.

  3. wow, awestruck, you are such a talented woman. I thought your doodles were very clever stamping at first glance. Silly me.

  4. Be-you-tiful Lauren! I especially love the doodled on paint splodges and colour burst flowers, sigh! Deb xo

  5. So glad I came to visit jaw well and truly on the floor, please don't ever visit my blog I would be ashamed. Amazing work the colours have lifted me up.



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