Monday, February 22, 2016

eeeeeeeek! it's my first *OFFICIAL* eyelet outlet project!

so obviously, i'm pretty excited!!! also, i think i MAY just have set a record for using the most different kinds of eyelet outlet shaped brads in one project, woohoo! but then, there are sooooooo many uber-cute sets, it's kind of impossible to just choose one. here's a little peek at my project:

want to see more? hop on over to the eyelet outlet blog, where i'm today's hostess. be sure to scroll around a bit once you're there, though, because the design team is pretty flippin' awesome, if i do say so myself! (which, apparently, i do, lol!) 

meanwhile, i hope you'll take the advice of my two favorite spokesmonstas and, "keep smiling" throughout the rest of your day!

craving any of the fun brads used in this project? 
click any link to hop on over to the eyelet outlet website
where there are even more cool choices!

ps: the light bulb icon is hand-drawn, but it was inspired by 
these adorable Light Bulb Brads which i predict you'll love as much as i do! 


  1. Really cute! Like the kraft/brown background against the bright colors. Your lightbulb came out great!

  2. Ohhhhhhhh awesome job!! Those brads are so stinkin' cute!!

  3. Love it ! So much fun and so unusual love your lightbulb too.


  4. Definitely keep smiling.....I'm off to check out the blog!

  5. Creative use of all of those brads!


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