Sunday, February 14, 2016

heart, heart, polka dots... pineapple?

yep. that pretty much sums up my sketchbooking lately. wanna see? the first heart was for the first day of kathy racoosin's latest 30 day coloring challenge, which is taking place throughout february. i'd love to tell you that i've used her awesome example to color every day and really practice shading and so forth. alas, no. but i've jumped in here and there. and i ♥LOVE♥ seeing the gorgeousness everyone is submitting via instagram!

 the second heart was for last week's sisters with heart in art instagram prompt, which was (...wait for it...) HEARTS. i busted out my most vivid shades of color burst and went color craaaaaaaaaaazy! (woohoo!)

POLKA DOTS are this week's SWHIA prompt. mine are kinda freelance polka dots. polka dots without portfolio. ok, maybe not. they were fun to make though, which is the main thing, imo.

finally the pineapple. because... ok, no, there's no particular reason. i've just seen a bunch of kawaii pineapple illustrations around and they put me in a pineapple-y mood, i guess. i'm taking bonus points for having resisted the urge to outline the whole thing in black. at least i haven't done it yet.

meanwhile, i wish very happy ♥VALENTINE'S DAY♥ to everyone who's celebrating; a very happy ♥GAL-entine's DAY♥ to all my friends who treasure their gal pals as much as i treasure mine; and a very VERY happy ♥chocolate's gonna be on sale tomorrow day♥ to anyone who'd care to join in!



  1. Lauren, I love seeing what you are up to. Your drawings and doodle-ings are always fabulous. That pineapple is awesome.

  2. Love them all...especially the fun pineapple!

  3. All of them are fabulous, love the sketch book circles in blue. Love to see what you have been drawing.


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