Monday, December 7, 2015

sanity is *probably* pretty dull... least i imagine it would be; i'd have no way of knowing, obviously! ;) but at the moment, december daily is ♥FUN♥ so i'm just gonna keep on keepin' on until it isn't. maybe it'll be 25 days, maybe just the next week, who can say? meanwhile:

a day on which we did nothing xmassy, but my friend kim came for a rare and treasured overnight visit, during which we talked until we were hoarse, watched the magnificently adorable "shaun the sheep" movie, and ate a truly embarrassing amount of indian food. the perfect saturday, basically! ♥♥♥

so my BIL bought a plain, undecorated, pre-lit wreath in the after-xmas sales last year. a plain, undecorated, FIVE FOOT wreath. $55 worth of michaels-had-xmas-decor-70%off-last-weekend stems and garlands later, it looked like this. (the wreath model is my sister amie, who is about 5'2"; the wreath is kind of angled b/c in addition to being BIG it's quite heavy; luckily i'm decor, not logistics; my BIL and bro were in charge of hanging it in the window of their vaulted-ceilinged foyer. coincidentally i chose to not use anything *breakable* on this particular wreath. reason...)

sunday's weather was absolutely ♥GLORIOUS♥ here in central nj, so we headed over to jeff's godfather's christmas tree farm, which is always a fun day out! (btw, i love how the sunshine seems to be emanating from the punched hole for the book ring. totally serendipitous but it makes me grin every time i see it!) 

ps: yes, i know the days are out of order, because i wanted shaun to be at the top. i mean... i love my sister... 
but he's SHAUN THE SHEEP!!! :) :) :)


  1. I have no idea about sanity either, Lauren! Love your makes, and yes, that's an enormous wreath! Jo x

  2. GO! GO! GO! I love all your pages!

    Observation #1: I've seen that wreath before. Maybe on IG?
    Observation #2: you've used the same text page under your main images. "(pre)pared to plunge it into the breast". Makes for an interesting page. :D

  3. I wouldn't know anything about sanity at all these days, but do know I'm laughing so hard I can hardly stand myself! HA!!!!!! LOVE that first card and that sheep is um....interesting - but sooooooo cute! Love it! The wreath....about all I can say is WOW! That's a big mamma! I've never been to a Christmas tree farm but know it just has to be fun. I'd probably come home with something twice as tall as the house!
    Great post.

  4. super shaun the sheep and oh my, that's a ginormous wreath!

  5. Fleece navidad...brilliant! Hallmark will want to steal this cute idea. Your posts always make me smile.


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