Sunday, December 13, 2015

big bumper blog of december daily doings

more xmassy ATCs anyone? ok, be a sport and say, "YES" because if you don't, the rest of this post falls a bit flat. thanks! here ya go:

a day that i had lunch with my friend josh, during which the primary topic of conversation was the upcoming doctor who christmas show. obviously. because that's how we roll! :0

a doodle/stencil/lettering creation that i made in honor of our current "sisters with heart in art" prompt which is "holiday symbolism".

i spent wednesday afternoon at paper anthology in kenvil, nj, teaching a super-fun class with a bunch of especially lovely ladies! we made three holiday cards using various techniques with colorburst pigment powders. the big snowburst is an extra panel from one of them, which featured emboss-resist and some suuuuuuuuuuuuper loose stamping. it's folded into a pocket that holds the blue panel which is a combination of a few shades of blue, diluted and mixed with a (homemade) colorburst mist. 

on thursday, we went to the best memorial service i've ever attended. which sounds SOOOOOOOOOOO WRONG, doesn't it? but the honoree was 97, lived the most wonderful and adventurous life you can imagine, and was only poorly for about the last two months of that. you know how it's fashionable to say that a service is the celebration of person's life? well, this one really was exactly that
bon voyage, betty, you will be remembered and missed!

earlier this week we met up with our friends the carsons for dinner and to check out the annual gingerbread contest at peddlers' village in lahaska, pa. as always, the creations were ♥AMAZING♥ and i was inspired to try to re-create one of my faves as a tiny atc-sized painting. i kind of like the results, but WOW... working this small is hard, people!!! 
miniaturist painters of the world, i salute you!!!


  1. yes yes and more yes! Love seeing these mini works of art. Keep them coming❤️

  2. This is fabulous! First off, your Dr. Who themed page most definitely caught my eye! Your wonderful mini-painting of that gingerbread house looking wonderful. It took me a bit to figure out just what I was looking at, then it all made sense. That sure is a tiny canvas!
    And hooray for the celebration of Betty's long life! I sure hope everyone can find something to celebrate when it's my time!
    Take care my friend.
    Shanna :)
    p.s. I have been a slacker in blogland once again as i furiously work at mailing my BIG stack of cards (amongst other things)! No point blogging about them if I don't send them out right? lol


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