Sunday, December 6, 2015

may have actually lost my mind

i decided with regret --but very sensibly-- in the middle of november that i was not going to do "december daily" this year because of time constraints. so what did i do tuesday night??! made an ATC-sized december daily minibook. obviously. oh well, sleep is over-rated, right?

 the cover
vintage sheet music, glittery colorburst mini-ornament, thickers, a doily... your basic laureny tool kit right there! :)

about our jacquie lawson advent calendar, something my entire multi-generational family has enjoyed for the last 3 or 4 years; the tiny pic is an image from this year's version, the background is a vintage illustration.

we made our annual pilgrimage to toys-r-us in honor of toys for tots. jeff and i have done this for a number of years and we always love it! again a vintage paper base with a current photo on top.
(tomorrow, 12/6, is the deadline for donating new unwrapped toys, which can be left at any toys-r-us location nationwide, plus hundreds of other local businesses; you can also give cash online via TRU or the toys for tots website until 12/24.)

kind of a funky day. my mom's very close and longtime friend betty died a couple of weeks ago --at the age of 97!!!-- (she was nearly a whole generation older than my mother) and my mom is in charge of packing up her apartment, taking care of her bequests, etc, so on thursday we tackled the christmas decor, some books, and a few other bits and bobs; not what you'd call a "happy" occasion, except that betty's life was so full of wonderful travels and adventures that we can't help but marvel... and hope that we will leave as many friends with fond memories! 


  1. So sad to read dd03, but it sounds like she lived a very full life!

    And I'm actually not too surprised you're playing along. I think you're addicted to these daily prompt challenges. And who says you have to to ALL of them?! If it's pressure and not fun, pffth!

  2. So sorry about your mom's friend...97 is a whole lotta years, isn't it?
    Love your mini book!

  3. A beautiful December daily…mini is awesome! Hooray for Betty living a full life and for having wonderful friends like you and your mom to carry on her legacy.

  4. Sometimes the smaller projects are better, they force focus and that can often be accomplished more quickly. So you have something you obviously love and more time for other things than if you made a full size. Sorry to hear of your mom's friend passing. Enjoy your holidays.


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