Saturday, October 31, 2015

what's cute and mythical and BRIGHT PINK??!?

pretty much everything i've drawn in the last week, lol! you may remember the pink narwhal from a couple of weeks ago? well she's got company now, in the form of a unicorn...

 ...and a dragon! ♥♥♥

before you think i've totally lost my mind* i should mention that these last two were a couple of the daily prompts from 365 doodles with johanna fritz. i'm not participating every day, but i love seeing what people post on instagram, and whenever i have a little time at the end of the evening i check out the topic of the day and see if i have an idea that'd work.

i've also been throwing some of these in with kathy racoosin's latest daily marker coloring challenge, even though --as you can plainly see-- that whereas my drawing has improved LOTS this year; my coloring is still only "meh". this third round of the challenge is wrapping up today, actually. but since it's a huuuuuugely popular event, i'm hoping there'll be a fourth time... in january, maybe...?? and that might be THE ONE in which i really practice properly and get a bit better! meanwhile, whether you already love coloring, or are just beginning to learn techniques, i highly recommend kathy's blog and instagram stream!

here's another entry for both challenges; the prompt that day was "a song"... and you can see i do own some other colors:

but for the "necklace" prompt, we're back to pink, lol. this is based on something lovely i saw on etsy (which irl is gold, and thus more sensible to wear but less fun to color!) and my drawing shares a sketchbook page with an idea i wanted to remember about layered hexagons:

so i think that's about it for now, except to say i hope you're having a fabulous saturday, a happy halloween, and maybe some fun art time today! i'll be back soon with a few things that aren't pink, i promise!!! ♥

*lost my mind worse than usual, i mean, obviously; b/c that ship sailed lonnnnnnng ago, as you know, lol! :) ps the "fluffy" reference is from this scene in despicable me, which is completely awesome. and SOOOOOO FLUFFFFFFFY!!! 


  1. It's all so ... PINK! O_o But your drawing is amazing. So impressed.

    And I still have not seen Despicable Me. #outoftheloop #old

  2. you are a wonderful awe.

  3. Your critters are so cute. They would make great rubber stamps, stickers, note cards, etc., etc.!!


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