Wednesday, October 7, 2015

journal page to card: butterfly edition

i'm not sure i'd ever done a direct, art-journal-to-card conversion before the narwhal card from this past weekend, and yet i've already done another one. i'm onna roll. or something, lol. first here's this week's sisters with heart in art page, our prompt is "things with wings". we'd love for you to join us and all types of art are welcome; post your art on instagram with the hashtag #sisterswithheartinart.

ok, so, a mixed-media extravaganza right here and i had twenty-four hours of dark blue inky fingertips to prove it! lots of vintage paper, stencil action, modelling paste, stamping and a boatload of loose and swirly machine stitching... the whole nine yards of grungy je ne sais quoi. in the course of which, i made that butterfly into a stencil... (it was a piece of copyright-free clipart i found online, re-sized and cut from stencil film) ...and since i can never, ever, just cut one layer of anything, there were a couple of extras. meanwhile, i wanted to make a very special card for a friend who is having a really really hard time of it at the moment, and it occurred to me that butterflies are an awesome symbol of both hope and transformation. so basically i scaled the whole thing a bit smaller and simulaneously turned the grunge knob down and the glam control up. et voila:

oh and is it just me who winds up with two or three (or fourteen lol) "rejects" for every stenciled or spray-misted background that turns out looking really cool? well, *don't* throw those out because they make absolutely awesome die-cutting fodder!!! in fact both of the butterflies above came from "essperiments" that were... ahem... seriously (SERIOUSLY!) unsuccessful, and yet they are my favorite element of both these projects! so there. :)


  1. Wow, I love your art journal page, the layers and stitching and its kinda messy layers(in the very best way messy)...AND you have topped it with your card. You definitely knew which knobs to turn up and which to turn down. So fabulous!
    L O V E

  2. Really nice! Love the vintage papers effect!

  3. The meaning behind it, and the absolute beauty - oh Lauren, you just ROCK. Gorgeous!!

  4. Both are beautiful Lauren and you are so right about saving the 'rejects', while not right for one project they can become gorgeous centerpieces of another! Deb xo


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