Saturday, September 19, 2015

there's NO WAY i'm starting another daily art challenge!!!

because much as i loooooooooove ICAD --and strongly believe in daily creativity-- logistically, i cannot commit to anything big at the moment. especially something that lasts an entire year. so why am i mentioning all this? well, because the amazing miss tracy and a few other of my lovely instagram art friends are doing 365 doodles with johanna fritz. and it's a SUPER-fun group, with terrific daily prompts. the great thing, though, is that you don't have to sign on for the whole thing; they totally welcome weekly, monthly, or just whenever-ya-feel-like-it participation. so yeah, i've been jumping in a little bit.

365 doodles: TREE
a palm tree, obviously; painted with ken oliver's color burst powders that i put into a palette and pre-wet; so basically they worked exactly like regular watercolors. if i wasn't already hooked on these, this experience would've clinched it! :)

365 doodles: PRETZEL
colored with distress markers, using more attention than i generally give to blending and shading. 

365 doodles: FAVORITE PEN
i'm pretty much in love with faber-castell's pitt artist pens, in black india ink, especially the extra superfine nib (xs) though i use the whole range. i did the grey shading with tombows, having realized AFTER i did the lettering that of course these pens are black and the lettering is white. ah well, artistic license!

"aloha" was just an extra doodle, again with the color burst powders functioning as watercolors.

this guy miiiiiiiiiiiight be my favorite, a chameleon that i drew on labor day morning, watching HGTV in my pajamas. because *that* is the whole entire POINT of three-day weekends, am i right???!



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