Wednesday, September 16, 2015


i realized when i sat down to post my sketchbook page for this week's sisters with heart in art instagram challenge, that i somehow never blogged last week's page either? duh, lauren! ok, so it's a two-fer, then, woohoo! this week's prompt is "FIRE". somehow i went from doodling flames to the five chinese elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. but that's what i love about prompts... you kind of start with an idea and just see where it goes. 

no real art products involved here except my artist's loft watercolor paints and a faber-castell pitt artist pen with a suuuuuuper skinny nib (it's called xs) 

last week we had "SPOOKY" and again, i didn't really have a *plan* as such (can you tell, lol?!) just a color scheme, a phrase and a whole bunch o'stencils, lol!

loads of ranger distress inks here, some heidi swapp alphabet stamps, and a lot (A LOT!) of stencils, mostly tim holtz ones. oh and a doily

everyone is welcome to join the fun, and you needn't be an art journaler; you could stamp, draw, paint, write poetry, do handlettering, collage, take photos... all media and all formats are welcome and there are some really fun folks hanging out, so i think you'd have fun! ♥


  1. ...and the captain said to his matey…

    I love your Lauren-y art brain and where it leads you. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. I'm loving the fire,wood, water, and your wonderful metal chain link! The dark & stormy font is crazy good.

    xo June

  2. June said it very well! And I love the chain too.


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