Wednesday, August 12, 2015

home is where...

...the ART is! not to mention the art supplies, of which i have quite a few. ahem. quiiiiiiiite a few. last night, i used some of 'em to make this:

so why am i telling you this? well, as you know i spent june and july ecstatically immersed in the glories of the index card a day project, and the very cool instagram scene which surrounded it. i met soooo many fun people, and at the end of july everyone was saying, "oh i wish we could keep doing this" and then a little group of ladies said, "well, why can't we?!" so they decided to use the hashtag #sisters with heart in art and to post a prompt via instagram each wednesday, and invite anyone who'd like to participate to come along. it took me nearly an entire nanosecond to say, "YES PLEASE" lol!

the first prompt is, "HOME/HOUSES/BUILDINGS" and it starts today... ok, yeah, i cheated slightly and made my page last night because i just couldn't wait! :) you can use any format (atc, journal page, tag, index card, etc) any media (paint, collage, pencils, pens, or all of the above) and basically go as crazy as you'd like! so i did. and i'd love it if you did, too! ♥♥♥


  1. Love your creation, love this idea, want to play along. (I kind of tanked on ICAD again....sigh)

  2. Cute! I probably say this too often, but I love your style. The texty papers, cool fonts, and photo images combined in a lovely project.

  3. LOVE! Love everything about this - artsy and smartsy! Very true sentiment and just lovely Lauren!

    Thanks so much for your positive thoughts and vibes for Jim and I. We appreciate them more than you'll ever know!


  4. Love it Lauren and have fun with your new challenge group, I'm not on Instagram so will have to live vicariously through you ☺


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