Wednesday, August 19, 2015

citrus + citrus + BARGAINS + tiny houses!

it's wednesday, which means it's time for a brand new instagram challenge from sisters with heart in art. this week's theme is "CITRUS", which you can interpret using any media you'd like, in any format you enjoy, any way you want to. you can be literal or abstract, think of actual fruits or just bright citrus colors, or go off on a tangent that's merely inspired by this idea... like maybe you want to hand-letter the lyrics to rem's "orange crush"? that's totally citrus, baby; go for it! :) we want these to be prompts in the truest sense-- merely a word that gets your art brain moving --what direction it goes and the destination it lands on is 100% up to you!

i've actually done two takes on this in my sketchbook and i'm not in love with either one, but they were fun to play around with, which is the point right? the first one is seriously seriously literal:

yeah. actual citrus fruits, in watercolor. nothing wrong with it, but it didn't make me go, "AHA!" so i decided to try something a little looser:

ok, so, citrus colored circles, this time... sponged in distress ink. getting a bit closer to the idea that was in my head, but still no bells or whistles. will there be a take three? well, let's just say i wouldn't rule it out, lol. the nice thing is that the prompts run for a whole week, so we have till next tuesday night to link up our citrus-y creations. for that matter, you can pretty much jump in any time; so if you suddenly come up with something that relates to last week's prompt, "HOME/HOUSES/BUILDINGS" g'head and post it! i did a fun little watercolor in my new tiny moleskine sketchbook over the weekend:

again with the literal, eh? but it was so much fun! ♥

speaking of fun, i've been making piles of stuff in preparation for the 2nd annual papercrafting garage sale at paper anthology in kenvil, nj. here's a bit of a "work in progress" shot; admittedly, a lot of my stuff is seriously elderly, but it's in good shape and i've priced it to sell!

there will be plenty of other vendors, tho, and many of them will have products from *this* century, so it's definitely worth the trip! the sale is this saturday, from 10am to 6pm, at paper anthology in kenvil nj, and if it's anything like last year's event, there will be bargains galore! so if you're within driving distance of central nj, i highly suggest a little detour to check it out! while you're there, you can meet elisabeth, check out all the goodies in the store itself, and hang out with fun crafty people who love paper as much as you do. how could any of that be less than awesome, eh?! check out the paper anthology website for all the details. hope to see you there... i'll be the tall goofy one who's buying more than she's selling, lol, so be sure to say ♥HELLO♥ darlings!!!


  1. Fruit and them both! Good luck at the sale!

  2. I like both citrus pics, and the "neighborhood" is very nifty! I think "houses" are becoming a popular design theme. Wish I lived closer to your sale (or maybe it's a good think I don't!!).

  3. Ooooo la! We started out with citrus and then did a little twist with the abstract shapes. Both are oh-so-pretty! And your homes just remind me of a beautiful waterway in Italy.


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