Tuesday, April 14, 2015

SOS197: lost and found

can you guess what we want to see for this week's challenge at shopping our stash? it's called "lost and found" which should give you a pretty big hint: we're looking for creations that feature something you lost track of for a bit... whether it was actually lost, or perhaps you just forgot about it? i've got a bit of each on my tag, which i'll esplain in a minute.

ok, i realize as i start typing this, there really aren't any official papercrafting products in this one, unless you count the (admittedly awesome) dymo label sentiment, the tiny mrs. grossman's heart sticker, and the basic grey patterned paper i used as background for the photo. lots of vintage and thrifting goodies tho: sheet music and chinese text from two seriously elderly falling-apart volumes found at book sales; little buildings cut from a new york tourist brochure; a real (tho expired, obviously) metrocard and o'course my "FOUND" items: plastic slide mount of which i have nearly an entire box (yahoo!) and that funny little heart pin (jeff ripped the back off it for me) which was in a box of treasure i'd started to think got lost or donated when we moved! oh yeah and a fab tag from amy tsuruta, who rocks, as i'm sure you already know! ♥

the thing i thought i'd lost is the little blue plastic heart pin; but actually i thought i'd lost my whole entire tin of little pins acquired at various garage sales over the years. worse yet, i knew that was in the same box as my buckle collection, a bunch of game pieces and cards, lots of weird funky earrings and other dimensional "treasures" i haven't seen since we've moved. i'd love to say i suddenly found it now because i've been doing a major organizing project in the basement, but in fact, it was a fluke discovered whilst looking for something else entirely for lovely husband jeff! the thing i'd forgotten i owned was the cool half full box of plastic slide mounts i got at goodwill, i think, quite some time ago. those guys turned up while linda was here, and we had fun playing with them.

the layout of my tag is based on miss leslie's latest crooked stamper sketch challenge (CSSC #2 to be precise); though admittedly i've done a pretty a loose take on that fab sketch:

i've been doing a lot of mixed media backgrounds lately, so it felt really cool to be making an old school collage this time. oof i nearly forgot to mention my favorite bit of this, which is the tiny picture of the queensboro bridge-- it's from an illustrated children's encyclopedia-- which is the absolute perfect size for the slide mount. even more exciting is the fact that the book in question has LOTS of illustrations about this size, so yeah, you'll be seeing this trick again for sure! :)

the other sos designers have been busy finding treasures, too-- you really need to hop on over and see the fabulous things they've made! ♥


  1. LOVE!!! Wowee, look at all that fun, thrifted goodness!!! I love how your tag turned out. Those slide mounts are fabulous, I will have to keep my eyes open for some treasure such as those!!! Yard sale season is almost upon us!

    I must say I regret that my visits have declined over the last while - i have been fitting in as much spring skiing as possible these last few weeks. Yes, I said skiing! Every time I've gone out these last few times I think, this is likely the last time, but low and behold, we got two separate dumps of snow last week that made for perfect trail conditions up till and including this past weekend. I squeezed in two wondeful, long skis this past weekend in my t-shirt!!! Even though I was itching to get in my craft space and the stamps have been calling out to me, I just could not say no to the trees and sun and exercise in the bush! lol
    I think the ski I took on Sunday is likely the last, so hope to be a more regular visitor, and crafter soon, lol!
    Shanna :)
    p.s. Looking forward to seeing other projects with your slide mounts!

  2. OK this is seriously fantastic!!! You have totally inspired me to stalk yard sales for cool stuff to you in crafts!! I adore that vintage pin!

  3. *thud* You've done it again, Missy! So much crafty goodness on one FABulous project. Love the slide mount and tiny photo, and YAY for finding your little box of treasures!

  4. Awesome tag, great take on the CSSC sketch. I also do the yard sale thing amazing what you can find.Hubby also metal detects at the beach and brings home things I can use too.

  5. This tag is awesome and I absolutely love the skyscrapers in the background. Perfect as always. Love it.

  6. Lauren, this is a seriously avant garde tag! Great composition and the elements all have such a clean edge to them. It really feels like a NYC billboard ad. Nicely done!

  7. I totally see the sketch in your card. :) Thanks for playing again!

  8. Holy crow! This collage tag is all sorts of amazing! Just look at all that thrifty eye candy! Love this!

  9. Oh Lauren how fun is this?! The slide mount is too cool! And YAY on finding lost treasures - nothing like finding that box of OMG I thought I didn't have these any more!

  10. Hiya Lauren,

    Thanks for sharing this cool project, it is something I have not really seen anyone do before and it really can make one think in a different way to make it!

    The design you have is gorgeous and really shows that a lot of care and creativity went into the project. As well as it is a brilliant use of the Dymo!

    Warm regards,
    Jesper K


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