Sunday, April 26, 2015

missus miscellaneous

it was a somewhat uneventful week in these parts, but in a good way. is it a sign that one is officially middle-aged, when the prospect of life being "dull" for a bit seems rather wonderful? yeah, probably; but hey, i'll take it! :) meanwhile, i did do a bit of art journaling and sketchbook experimentation, so for the first time ever i'm linking up to the current "art journal every day" feature on julie balzer's blog.

i'm still pretty hooked on stencils, modelling paste and doodling vaguely indian-ish flowers and mandalas, as you can see from the page above. on the other hand, collage will probably always be my favorite technique, especially when i can work in lots of vintage paper. the page below is the first time i've tried adding some maud-vantours-inspired paper folds into a collage, rather than a card. i'm fairly sure it will not be the last time, though.* :)

meanwhile, in my practice sketchbook, there are lots of random combinations of lettering styles, sketches of fabric patterns i like...


...ideas for christmas cards... illustrations of random facts i saw on television...

...and, for reasons i cannot possibly explain (or understand, for that matter, lol!) a VW microbus, parked under some palms!

meanwhile i wish you a happy and creative sunday evening, as well as a week that is "dull" in the best possible way! ♥♥♥

*apologies if you've already seen this one-- and the microbus that's furth down-- on my instagram account!  :)


  1. Love 'em! You're so creative! And I'm a firm believer in "no news is good news."

  2. Super fun, I especially love the VW page!

  3. Micro bus for the WIN! I love surprises. :)

  4. What wonderful journal pages! Thanks for the peek into your very creative mind and perhaps the microbus under the palms is your subconscious telling you it's time for a vacation?!


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