Sunday, April 19, 2015

now i understand...

...why people who work in mixed media journals have a few different ones going simultaneously; because if you don't, you spend waaaaaaaaay too much time waiting for stuff to dry! and patience is not really my strongest point.* right now, i'm in the middle of three books that i expect to be ongoing for at least the whole summer, so i figured i'd show you a page or two. some are finished, some are in progress, some are just practice pages that are as done as they're going to be. i told you about the journals linda brun made for sandi t and myself, and i've posted some pics on my instagram account but here's a page i finished last night. and yeah, i'm still pretty obsessed with hand lettering! :)

the other BIG project i'm super-excited about is my book for the sketchbook project. participants can choose from the official 2016 themes, or just wing it. i've chosen "distance and time" and i *think* it's going to be mostly about hawaii, but in a sort of abstract visual way, rather than a traditional travel journal. at least that's how i feel right now. i've only done a few pages so far; partially because i'm slightly struggling with the paper, which is very thin and does not love wet media. at all. i now understand why previous participants have talked about reinforcing or replacing the pages in their "official" sketchbook. haven't quite decided what i will do, but meanwhile, i've got collagey goodness:

and zentangly/mandala sketchy type things that i loved until i colored them in, and now... not so much... ah, well:

the third book is my everyday working/practicing sketchbook. one of my goals for this year is to draw more, so i try to make sure this book and my basic drawing tools are nearby so that i can mess around and try out different ideas, usually at the end of the evening. there aren't any finished pages, just lots of random patterns, little sketches, color combos, etc. i used to do this sort of thing on scrap paper, but it's kind of cool to see the progress you make; also i use it to remind myself of ideas i want to fiddle around with later. so there are a lot of pages that look like this:

today i'm headed up to paper anthology to teach the last class of my "scraptastic" cards, which is about as much fun as a papercrafter can have. i hope you are finding time to do something you ♥LOVE♥ today, darlings!

*if you are related or married to me you may have to pause here for 10-15 minutes in order to recover from a debilitating bout of hysterical snorty laughter. it's ok. join us when you're ready.


  1. All of your pages are fantastic! Really inspiring! Hope you keep posting more!!

  2. Love these...such awesome journal pages!

  3. Woweee girl! I am IN AWE of your fun, cheery, cool drawing/journalling/doodling! I will be sharing this with my youngest who is 10 and quite the little artist. He draws/doodles and plans everywhere (mostly on scrap paper) which is good and bad right? I have bought him multiple art pads, watercolour pads, etc. to encourage him to do it there because one day he might want to look back. I think its a confidence thing, he feels he has to improve first though lately he has been using them some. Thank you, thank you, for posting these, now he can see that another artist uses her books for the process, not just the finished product!

  4. All the drawings are amazing. I think your blog at my comment. I love the hibiscus flowers!!!


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