Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SOS191: (not so) heavy metal!

we have a fun challenge for you at shopping our stash this week, we want to see your oldest hardware. think eyelets, brads, buckles, ribbon slides... if it's metal and can be used as an embellishment, dust it off and put it on a card! sometimes i really have to think about what my oldest this or that might be, but this time it was really easy, because despite its being some years ago now, i specifically remember my friend lisa, who owned my favorite local crafting store back in the day, showing me how to use an "anywhere" hole punch (with a hammer!) to place cuuuuuuuuute flower-shaped eyelets in the center of a card, and then use a special tool (also with a hammer!) to set them. OF COURSE i bought some of the cuuuuuuuuute flower eyelets as well as the hole punch and setting tools. and promptly put a big dent in jeff's good cutting board the first time i used all of the above at home.  i didn't think i still had any of that first batch, and truthfully, the ones on my card might be from a subsequent purchase, but the originals were definitely of the same size, shape and style, so i'm calling it good! to get the full effect of the authentic nostalgia-based experience, i also used the everywhere punch and setting tool with a great big hammer to place paper flowers right in the middle of my card. awwwwwww! :) :) :)

ancient eyelets of unknown brand from a local crafting store that's (sadly) been closed for nearly a decade (and these were bought well before then) set with old-school bang-with-a-hammer setting tool thingie i bought at the same time (which coincidentally answered my, "i wonder why we all stopped using eyelets and switched to brads?!" question); pink paislee pre-printed 2x3" birthday themed cards trimmed to 2" square; florals: prima, recollections, making memories, basic grey; glossy white cardstock: paper accents; adhesives: elmers brand gluetape, 3m foam tape, sewing machine

i used the sketch from the current fusion challenge, though sadly not the cool bowties:

i actually started off using the color scheme, too, but the kind of veered off-course on that part when i found the old-but-still-fab pink paislee 2x3" embellishment card thingies...

...and realized that by trimming them down i could instantly make a pretty cool cheater's version of twinchies; for the record, i stand by that decision and am pretty psyched that i still have some left for future experiments!

and now why not head on over to SOS to see the nostalgic (not so) heavy metal embellies of my design team darlings and the fabulous cards they've made to hold 'em!


  1. Fun combination of patterns and stitching and flowers with brads, in the middle! lol - when I was introduced to brads my eldest son was a baby/toddler and I did most of my scrappin in the middle of the night or during nap time = not so good - needless to say, though I loved brads, I used them selectively for a time!
    Shanna :)

  2. LOVE this...I still have some of that awesome PP collection. Such a FABulous card!

  3. I love how you mix things up and they work! Mine come out like a hot mess. and kudos for the old-school eyelet setting!

  4. Amazing! Everything about this bright design just screams with happiness!! I used to use brads all the time and eyelets too. After I bought my Cropodile I liked them even better because I didn't have to do all that pounding.

  5. Awesome card, great take on the sketch. I love how "happy' the card is, just what we need in the ice storm we are having today. I was going to use yellow flower eyelets on my card but the flower was too big. and I lost one of the eyelets under the chair and it hasn't been found yet.

  6. You always have such happy colors and those flowers would make anyone smile!

  7. Crafting with a variety of hammers is super therapeutic, it's why I spend so much time in my craft room...fewer people get hurt that way Muahhhhh ha hahahahahah
    Super duper card Missus!

  8. I've always used the hammer - probably why I stopped using eyelets since I tend to craft while everyone is still asleep :) This is totally awesome - that background!!!


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