Saturday, March 7, 2015

awash in washi!

did you see the current challenge (week #251) at city crafter? it's WASHI TAPE, which i know for a fact that most of us really love because we recently made holiday-themed washi cards at ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ and the cards we got were beyond awesome. one of the things i was very aware of when making my own cards that fortnight, was how many tapes i was *not* using... specifically... i have a lot of neutral tans and browns, and i was thinking it'd be cool to use a lot of them together. so i did! :)

tapes: ok, see, the problem with washi and deco tape is many of them only have their brand name on the outer packaging and once it's gone, you have no idea where it came from, but some of the brands i know are: heidi swapp, tim holtz, love my tapes, little b, mt, my mind's eye, october afternoon and recollections; black chipboard thickers: american crafts; labels: dymo; adhesives: elmers brand gluetape, 3m foam tape, sewing machine

i was going for a sort of marquetry look, like in woodworking, where the pieces are inset. my original plan-- inspired by the technique of this card of leslie's --was to drop the washi-adorned circles into same-sized-holes which i'd removed from the washi-covered squares. as it turned out, they really didn't stand out very much, so i wound up making skinny skinny black mats for the circles and sewing them on top of the squares, instead. speaking of miss leslie, she recently sent me a lovely gift of a few (ahem!) "extra" thickers she had (ta v much, missus!) and i've used some of them here.

this may not be the BEST card they get at city crafter, but i bet it has the most types of tape on it! for the record, i used 23. ok, actually, when i write it down sounds a bit embarrassing to have 23 different NEUTRAL rolls of tape. ok yeah, let's just forget i mentioned it, lol. do go check out the DT and readers' cards at CCCB, though, they are pretty awesome! ♥


  1. What a great take on our challenge! Thank you for joining us at CCCB this week!
    Samra DT

  2. AMAZING!!!! Love all the different washi tapes and your wonderful, wonderful card!

  3. I bow before you in awe, Lauren! I know we aren't mentioning, uh, you know, but I just have to ask: do you have around 23 rolls of EACH color family?? You shall be known as the Queen of Washi! I think you enhanced Leslie's cool technique with your thin black matting! Thank you so much playing in the City Crafter challenge!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. You ROCK! This card is just so incredibly stunning and exudes happiness! I love that you have so many tapes to choose from and I'm amazed that you found 23 that work so well together! The bit of black is fabulous as it adds the perfect touch and makes the colors pop. The design is also wonderfully clever and so inspiring...I'm running back to my craft studio to play with WASHI!

  5. Totally cool, thanks for sharing with us at CCCB, always good to see you here!

  6. 23??? Yikes you have a Washi fetish Lol!! Brilliant use of the tapes my friend ... Your card is amazing!! Thanks so much for playing along with us again at CCCB!! Have a great week!

  7. ONLY 23??!?! You are an AMATEUR! Okay, maybe I have a more serious problem than most, so never mind.

    And I'm so happy to have inspired you!!!!

  8. Wowser, Lauren! What a FABULOUS design idea! I love it! Pinned, so I can remember the idea later! Thanks for the inspiration! hugs, de

  9. this.
    I've always grumbled at washi packaging...lately I've been using my label maker and labeling the interior core.

  10. Hiya Lauren,

    I have to say that the design is absolutely spectacular. It is exploding with life, warmth, creativity and uniqueness.
    Great job and I think the added Dymo tape is really brings it up to the very next level.

    Keep sharing and we will keep on enjoying it!

    With warm wishes,
    Jesper K

  11. 23 different washi patterns in neutrals! You are a fab hoarder and I am with you LOL. This is brilliant take on our theme; wow! Thanks so much for joining us at CCCB this week! Good to have you with us!

  12. This has got to be one of the coolest uses of washi tape I've ever seen! Awesome!!!

  13. This card is the bomb! The different font styles--awesome! I love what you've done with washi tapes for this. I have a few (too many) rolls myself. My problem is I don't feel a lot of them go together but when you label them neutrals (or brights, or pastels [ick]) that I could probably do.

    For my few (too many) rolls of tape I write the brand name inside the rolls right after I take the packaging off so I know who made it. That's my top tip of the day--or probably the month since I don't usually have anything useful to say.


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