Sunday, February 22, 2015

dreaming of spring!

we've had a cold, snowy, frosty week here in the northeastern united states. ok yeah, i realize we've got NOTHING to complain about compared to, say, new england or canada; but i am a serious weather wimp and it's the end of february and i'm really reallllllllllllly looking forward to temps in... oh i dunno... maybe the high 40's? is that too much to ask? meanwhile, as i waited, i decided to paint myself a little spring:

being a hard-core lover of papercrafting products, it feels really weird to make something from the ground up, so to speak; but in fact the only "supplies" i used on this were the mats, which consist of some elderly navy blue velvet paper and some cerise cardstock. the central panel started off as plain white watercolor paper, on which i drew some very faint pencil lines to keep my words from leaning upwards and to the left, which for some reason is generally what they want to do on a blank page. i sketched and inked the c.s. lewis quotation first, then worked on the flowers around the outside. i've been practicing blending paints, especially working "wet into wet" which is tricky, but looks awesome when it comes out right. having said that, i'm not above going in at the end and touching up a wonky line or adding a little extra depth with a copic. there are no rules in art, darlings! :)

meanwhile i hope you are having a particularly nice sunday, and that you'll get to sneak in a little creative time to make something fun! ♥♥♥


  1. Really pretty! Great lettering too. Yes, upper 40s would be a blessing!

  2. I am in awe. This is absolutely amazing! The lettering, the flowers, the colouring, the quotes....all so wonderful. I love, love, love, love it.

    High 40s?!?! Wouldn't you be burning up? Oh......that's Fahrenheit, right. (While most Canadians understand our southern neighbours.....ahem, weird.....method of measuring temperature I am not one of them. Fahrenheit completely confounds me and I have to use a converter calculator every single time....brb.....ah, so 8 - 9ºC. Yes, that would be welcome especially seeing as we're under another Extreme Cold Warning. Temps tonight are to drop down to -42ºC with the windchill. And look, that's even colder in F, -43.6. We are suffering up here. So much so that I'm hijacking your comment section to whine about it. :-D

  3. No rules is right :) This is stunning - and oh yeah, bringing a little bright spring into this icy nasty weather is a perfect mood lifter!
    (I'll add to Jan's highjack comment & say that we've now topped 12 feet of snow, most of which fell in February. AUGH uncle already!)


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