Sunday, May 19, 2013

putting the "doll" in dolphin

ok, so, i promised to show you the dolphin i crocheted for niece madeline's birthday, and i will; though i confess i'm not in love with this one. mostly because i don't think i did a brilliant job on the sewing up, attaching of fins, etc. it's still pretty cute, though, and as often happens on these occasions, maddie (and the rest of the gang at her party!) were so impressed by the fact of a crocheted dolphin materializing under ANY circumstances, that the details just sort of slid by. which is nice. :)

speaking of things that make one smile just by virtue of their sheer improbability, i absolutely HAVE TO share this pic my sis texted me on the day of maddie's "kid party",which had a campfire theme*. she and madeline made this gorgeous horse cake**, can you believe it?!

oh yeah... and the birthday girl is pretty adorable too, dontcha think?! 

happy *9th* birthday, 

*my sister, amie, a brilliant elementary school teacher currently doing the part-time work, full-time mom gig, comes up with the most amazing activities for her kids and their friends! the campfire party featured make-your-own bandanas, twig art, a REAL campfire with songs and games and smores, etc etc; i keep trying to get an invite to these things, they are THE social events of the year!!! :)

**amie says i have to say it was made with this recipe from!


  1. How cute!!! you are so talented with the crochet/knitting thing. I am sure one day I will get on this bandwagon so I could use this skill with other skills like you were talking about. Maybe you can make crochet'd/knit pieces on the books we were talking about!! That would be cool. Or a whole cover knitted? Would that be hard? hmmmm

  2. Obviously the talent runs deep in your family Missus. Dolphins, horse-shaped cakes and undoubtedly fabulous wrapping of said dolphin.

  3. Oh wow, you are the queen of crotchet toys, that dolphins is awesome. The talent must run in the family, your sister did such an amazing job with that birthday cake for Maddie, happy birthday Maddie!
    And ya, I received your card yesterday, that house, oh WOW, how cute is that, now I must make the reservation for that one room in there.

  4. Tons of talent in your family! Planning themed birthday parties and activities is not my forte, so I am very impressed by this campfire party and horse cake!!! I have always been amazed by your hand-made gifts and packaging :)

  5. I just love the way that Dolphin turned out. Way to go.. That sounds like my kinda a party. That cake is adorable and so is your Niece.


  6. I love how the dolphin turned out!!!! Love the cute pic too!

    Got your super fantastic happy mail!!!!!! it's brilliant!

  7. Oh I think your dolphin is adorable!! When I was little I made a penguin for my Mum ... she kept it forever and I still have it somewhere! Love the photo ... the cake is brilliant and that little girl is the cutest! How lucky she is to have such a lovely talented family ...

  8. That dolphin is SO CUTE! I love it! (have you seen the Hollywood version of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"? So long, and thanks for all the fish? You're welcome for that earworm.)
    Happy birthday to your gorgeous niece!

  9. Yes, your niece is totally adorable. And your dolphin is almost just as! (Not that there's anything wrong with your dolphin that I tagged it as "almost just as" but real-life adorable trumps cool crochet-life adorable every time.)


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