Thursday, May 30, 2013

what are you doing june 1st?

gina and i are doing index card a day, on the daisy yellow art blog and i could not possibly be more excited!

because, as g said, "we need a project!" and because, as i said, "we need to journal more!" and because last year was ♥AWESOME♥! here are a few of my favorite cards from ICAD 2012*:

(last year we drew and colored)

if you're an avid art journaler...

(and we stamped)
or a lapsed art journaler...

(and we stenciled and painted)
or you've always thought you'd like to try art journaling, but didn't really know how to start...

(and we collaged and quoted)
maybe you're feeling a little stale, or a little stuck, or just ready to try something new...

(and sometimes we did stuff that we didn't even know what to call when they were finished... and those were my favorites, lol!)
why not check out tammy's FAQ over at daisy yellow, grab some index cards, and give it a try? you don't have to make a commitment, or even tell anyone, if you don't want to... but who knows... ya might like it! ♥♥♥

*my biggest problem, preparing this post, was narrowing down to only choose *5* favorites from all the cards i made last year. when was the last time you were that excited about your output of artsy stuff over a two month period of time? ok, so right there you have the whole reason i ♥LOVED♥ doing this last year and why i'm thrilled to start up again on saturday!!! :)


  1. This is fabulous. I love everything about it. Blooms and layers and rainbows and all the gorgeous colors!!!!

  2. Fabulous, simply fabulous! Love how you do the index projects!

  3. I may have to do this......sounds fun. Your cards are all so great!

  4. Oh, these are awesome! That rainbow! And I love the fridge magnet letters on the front of your collection :)


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