Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SOS102: what's in your tool shed?

ok, this week at shopping our stash we're having my ♥FAVORITE♥ kind of challenge, because we can make ANY type of project, using any colors, any ingredients, any theme, any sketch, any... well... ANYTHING we choose. so what's the challenge, then? you may have guessed it from the title, actually, "what's in your tool shed?" because yeah, we want you to find a tool (punch, cutter, piercer, crimper, crop-a-dile, eyelet setter, etc) that you haven't used in ages... or maybe ever?! ...and use it. simple, right? any tool. just be sure to tell us what it is, because you know how we love to hear "the story"; and if you can incorporate scraps, leftovers, upcycling or anything else "stashy" too, so much the better!

i chose to employ my sadly neglected cuttlebug and for the first time used a cool rolodex card die i bought some time ago on a super-discount sale but hadn't yet test-driven. wahey!

(patterned paper: studio calico, provocraft, october afternoon, amy tangerine + bits of a vintage map + an illustration from an old gardening book; my own instagrammed photo of our house, formatted in PSE9 using segoe script font, printed on kodak premium photo paper (which... for the record... irl is NOT all horribly crosshatched and grainy, but for some reason just REFUSED to photograph well; apologies!) tape: bazzill, recollections; rolodex die: quick kutz; diecutting machine: cuttlebug; white index stock: staples; adhesives: staples brand gluetape runner, 3m foam tape, scotch gluestick, staples)
and yes, for the record, it's yet another use of that same instagram pic of our house, of which probably everyone but *ME* is thoroughly tired. but it happens to still be my favorite, and since i was the one making the cards, i won! :) this time it's the centerpiece of the "change of address" cards that i made, marathonically, in a rare fit of mass-production; which, by the way, totally reminded me why i swore off mass-production in the first place. yikes. is it just me, or is there nothing DULLER in the craftiverse than making elebenty gazzillion of EXACTLY. THE. SAME. THING. especially when the genius who develops the prototype thinks it'd be super-fun to have a wholllllllllllllle bunch of "casual" layers. yeah. can i please request, darlings, that next time i design a project which needs mega-duplication, one of you step in to act as spotter and "talk me down" from such folly. seriously. please. i must be stopped. thank you. :) :) :) having said all that... i do really like how this came out, and having already heard from the very first recipients, it seems to be a bit admired, so there's that. ♥

and now may i be so bold as to suggest a trip to shopping our stash to check out what my lovely DT-mates have concocted with the contents of their tool sheds. g'wan. you know you wanna! :)


  1. I'm with you on the mass production but I super LOVE your change of address card!!!!! seriously love all the fun layers and that picture is awesome!

    Thanks for the happy mail!

  2. Yep, mass production stinks. And this week I need to get going on a little mass-production of masculine graduation cards. Do you know how difficult that is? I mostly have 6x6 and not 12x12. Ugh.

    Anyway, your card is super fun and with all of your fantastic collections of ephemera, those casual layers practically scream "use me" right? I hope :) I know how busy you must be ...we've been here a year, but we undertook a lot of home improvement projects this spring. Almost done now...until next spring...I will hopefully take pictures soon to share!!!

  3. Mass production is brutal. And if there are any more than 3 steps to the production...yikes. I will promise to dissuade you next time if you'll do the same for me! FWIW I think this is an absolutely MARVELOUS and fun card - even if for the moment you'd like to forget it ever happened ;)

  4. You're totally right about mass production. I actually feel my crafty essence getting sucked out of me anytime I try to do it.

    Wonderful change of address card though (you crazy, crazy woman). I know everyone will appreciate your effort and your creativeness.

    Btw, I'll never get tired of seeing that pic of your house. It's such a unique-looking home...I love it!

  5. Fabulous card- even if mass-produced- and what a great pic of the house too...such a great card!

  6. I try to avoid mass production when ever possible. But I have to tell you I do love your Change of address card. Looks fabulous!!


  7. I like how you said "casual" layers. HAHAHAHA! Ow, my sides hurt. Mass-production is not for the faint of heart, or the easily distracted ... OH, SHINY!

    I have one of these precious babies, and I LOVE it. I have also learned from your experience, and mine will probably be post cards.

  8. I have one of those mass produced pretties sitting right in front of me! I love the photo ... such a great touch!

  9. i know it was torture but the card was awesome. it's on permanent display in my bulletin board gallery! Thanks sweetie!

  10. Yay, I have that card, lucky me!!!! I have to say it again, how cute is that house!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  11. I loved the card. I'm not a fan of mass producing either. At all. I don't remember ever doing it but once for a friend who had moved and I made her moving cards actually. haha Congrats again on your house!! I can't wait to see it. :)


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