Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SOS99: by the numbers

this week, at shopping our stash we are ALL ABOUT NUMBERS! yepper, we're making cards that feature numerals in clever ways: you could use up your miscellaneous number stickers, or pull out your number stamps, grab some number-themed paper, or metal numbers... maybe a card in the shape of a "1" for a first birthday, or a LITERAL "big 5-0"?! anything with a number will work, so get your thinking cap on and have fun!  earlier this week, after a bit of searching, i managed to find (and unpack!) the box with all my pre-cut vintage/ephemera/collage elements in it... so i decided to celebrate by making this card! :)

yeah, except for a little scrap of MME cloud paper and some elderly thickers, this thing is ALL "found objects" and none the worse for that, in my opinion. i also got my sewing machine set up, with only a little delay when i realized that the only electrical outlet anywhere where i wanted to put it was BEHIND a very large and heavy piece of furniture! luckily, lovely husband jeff (and an extension cord!) came to my rescue and i was able to do my first decorative stitching in the new house! it felt ♥GOOOOOD♥ too, lol!

i hope ♥YOU♥ are feeling good today, but if not, i'm sure it would cheer you up no end to go and see my fellow SOS-ers' take on this fun challenge! ciao, darlings! :) :) :)


  1. What a fun card!!!! yahooo for getting the sewing machine set up!

  2. Great stitching and a super cute card! Love that big fish and the background is just perfect.
    Glad you're all moved in now - you're going to love your new home!

  3. Awesome card. Love that fish. Jealous that your sewing machine is set up and mine is not. Six more weeks. Six more weeks. If I keep saying it, maybe it will get here faster. Can't wait. You need to show some pics of your work area!

  4. gah, the hunt for appropriate electrical outlets....lol! Been there, done that :) I adore this card - and WOOT for continuing to get all settled in :)

  5. I LOVE that goldfish image. If this card does not have a home, it must be saved for me. Calling dibbers!! haha I like the idea of using up number things. Very cool.


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