Wednesday, March 17, 2010

more happy (& instructive!) mail

ok, i think i have probably mentioned a time or two...or three...or a much i ♥LOVE♥ to receive beautiful handmade cards from my amazing papercrafting friends, and this positively gorgeous card, from my lovely friend mari, was no exception, particularly since it came as a complete surprise!

do you see all of that texture? and shine? do you see the amazing shimmery rainbow background? and the fabulous copper mesh over top?! don't you wish i could take a decent photo so you could REALLY see how cool it is...and then try to figure out how she did it??! yeah. me too. (sorry, m--i haven't done ya justice!) luckily there's a better image--and complete details--in this post on mari's blog, m'ija stamps!

speaking of "how she did it"...mari, who knows A LOT of very tricky and impressive techniques, is incredibly generous about sharing her knowledge, from answering my (many & often quite silly) questions, to sharing her card "recipes", to making lists of videos and websites i might like. and as if that wasn't enough, in the package with this card, she sent a bunch of her favorite tim holtz stuff for me to try out: grunge board, perfect pearls, fantasy film, ink-blending foam and more! so now i can try out some of the stuff i'm learning before i make an investment in new supplies! can you imagine a cooler or more inspiring gift to arrive as a surprise on a random monday?!

i can't wait to dig in and get started experimenting with my goodies, but first i send an extra big, and extra hearty

♥ THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! ♥

to my very talented and thoughtful friend!!!


  1. That is indeed a wonderful card. And to get it as a surprise, even more wonderful. And what a bunch of terrific goodies too. Hurray for Mari.

  2. Wow...such a very coolio card...I can't wait to see what you create with all your new goodies!!!

  3. Woooohooo - lucky you! (Sorry, that was NOT meant to rhyme!) Jo x

  4. ooh very cool! That card is fab!

  5. Wow, that IS some seriously happy mail!

    (-: Heidi

  6. And you deserve every bit of it! :)
    Hmm, as soon as I find that *ahem* baggie of blue (that went on walkabout) I'll send it along too.
    Who knows? Perhaps there might be a little sumpin' sumpin' extra I find around here that's dying to go play at your house!


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