Wednesday, March 31, 2010

heart the art: week 13 (need)

this week's HEART the ART prompt is "NEED" but gina wanted us to think beyond money and material's what she had to say,

"That's what this week's art prompt is about. What you need. Something you need that isn't money though. Something you might need from someone else or many some else's. Hugs, understanding, support?? There is so many things that sometimes people need in life and just don't get. "

as i thought about this, i realized something i seem to really need lately is outside approval, and i'm not sure that's necessarily such a good thing all the time. on the other hand, i think we probably all have our weak moments...and then other times when we're much more confident; if we're lucky, hopefully they balance out.

(sassafras paper; vintage illustration; dymo labels; making memories alphabet stamps; versa ink; signo pen)

i am having a GREAT TIME with these prompts and now i can't wait until saturday for the new one!


  1. Love this card. Funny, this is the first thing that popped into my head too. Love that image you used. She's perfect. You are amazing. I would love to see your stash...

  2. sassafras and a vintage image...pure perfection sista! I love thought-provoking...

  3. I love this!! what a great take on this weeks!! I can't believe you stay caught up every week with the challenges. That is so cool. I love it. That makes me feel good ;) I know even if no one else does the challenges me and Lauren will be! haha

  4. You really do a fabulous job each week with Gina's prompts!!! I never seem to get around to making real life projects but find myself thinking about the prompt theme during the week and reflecting on it alot. Gina has such an uncanny knack of getting to the heart of emotions and feelings doesn't she! Love the colours in this piece... can't wait for the next one! Jo x

  5. Lauren. Fantastic job on this promt and really love the image you've used. I have problems understanding all the promts, but this one I get. Looking forward to the next one. Hugs

  6. It's OK, I think we all need outside approval every now and then. You whole heartedly have my particular brand of outside approval! Love the fun image and the jounaling in the sunburst...soooo cool!

    (-: Heidi


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