Saturday, March 6, 2010

if i knew you were coming i'd've *SEWED* a cake!

like this one!

i made it for missus trash's birthday. it seemed like the thing to do, what with her being such a smashing seamstress, quilter, and fabric artist...and my having just learned to sew a bit!

i got this FAB pattern from the dollifever etsy shop. it was actually meant to be made of felt, and top-stitched together, but my new-found machine-stitching skills were burning a hole in my pocket, so i decided to attempt to convert the pattern. i added a 5/8" seam allowance to each pattern piece...and somewhat to my actually worked!!! i used ribbon for my piping instead of felt, and added pre-made paper flowers on top, et VOILA!

ok, it is just a leeeeeeeeetle bit wonky. (you'll notice there is no photo taken from the front of the cake, staring down the point...this is not an accidental omission!) i definitely need to be bolder when it comes to making the little nips in the fabric where you need to turn the seam quite abruptly. also, i have no idea how to perfectly press tiny sewn things with my big honkin' iron! but all in all, as a first solo project, i am not at all unhappy with my effort, and i was definitely pleased & proud to present it to my lovely friend!


  1. I am stunned by this- what a beautiful project! And those sewing skills- amazing! To think you are already changing patterns. Love love love it!!!!! Missus Trash must be thrilled!!!!!! I have even more to idolize about you and your art .............

    it looks good enough to EAT!!!
    honey bunny - you are getting to be little miss seamstress-girl! this is toooo wonderful for words!

  3. oooh yummy!!! That is so pretty. I'm impressed. Sewing wow! Very cool. AND calorie free. haha

  4. this is really cool!! so creative! i want to start sewing too, now that my machine is back from repair :)

  5. And she sews too! Lady, you are a craft QUEEN! This is awesome!

    (-: Heidi

  6. are you kidding me??!! is there anything you can't do fabulously???!!!! i would be over the moon to receive this for my bday (over the moon to be able to make it, for heck's sake!).

  7. WOW. This is SOOOOOO yummy. You done good missy.

  8. Seriously, Lauren, you have more talent in your pinky finger than I have in my entire body. I bow to you!


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