Wednesday, January 28, 2009

speaking of gifts...

...and lovely friends...and things that someone does for you JUST TO BE NICE: remember yesterday how i told you about that cool package from jolene? well, wouldja believe it was not the ONLY amazing gift that arrived over the weekend?!

uh huh.

missus trashalou, her of the prodigious painting talent from across the big pond (not to mention knitting...and sewing...and blogging...and raising realllllllllllly fabulous children, but i digress!) just about knocked my socks off by sending me AN ORIGINAL CANVAS she made 'specially for *ME*!!!

(hint: it is very VERY cool indeed!)

wanna see?!
(ah g'wan...ya know ya wanna...)

oh yeah, and that's not all! there was also a fun bird-based blank book... (the pages are not lined, either, so you could write OR draw or doodle...and i suspect i will!) ...and cute monsta stickas...and super-cool reindeer clip thingies...and a funny card which references my favorite website! (the caption reads, "on the internet, nobody knows you're a cat!)

and finally, here is my new piece of art in its natural which i mean a place of honor right over my desk:

so basically, i am now about as spoiled as a girl can be, postally speaking! how lucky can you be, right?!

(thank you thank you THANK YOU missus trash...your kindness is only matched by your skill and your sense of fun!)


  1. What coolio treasures you lucky duck you!!!!

  2. what a wonderful gift...that painting is lovely...the colors are really pretty...and the bird is extra special cute...lucky you Lauren!!!

  3. I'm glad you liked me 'umble offering Missus.

  4. Wow, that missus trash is super talented huh??? You are a lucky girlie indeed...

  5. I guess all the cool people are sending you gifts; I should probably jump on the band wagon!

  6. Trashalou is SO talented! But her gifts sent with love are well-deserved because you are a wonderful friend. You put a smile on my face with every blog entry or thoughtful comment you leave on my blog.



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