Sunday, January 11, 2009

operation 39: WORK

you may have noticed that two words which have been conspicuous in their absence from m'blog the last couple months are


the autumn totally got away from me. and i was bummin' bigtime...not to mention doing a guilt number on myself for having let it slide...particularly when it became clear in december that i could either

A) make christmas cards


B) do everything else creative in my life

and then the other day i woke up and thought, "i LOVE paper adventure! i love the group. i love the prompts. i love my 2/3 finished, increasingly bulgy book. i LOVE the bits that are done and i have ideas for the bits that aren't done. i don't care if it's golly i am gonna finish it!!!!!"*

anyway, the next one up from when i left off was operation 39: WORK

and here is my page; the photo is eggregious, but i could not get it to come out any better, so i finally just went with it. please believe me when i say that the vellum is more see-through than that, and the letters stand out more, and that it isn't crooked, ok?! thanks.

(photo of the "new release wall" in my video store printed on kodak premium paper; journaling typed on vellum and layered on top; film-themed stickers: mrs. grossman; (god alone knows where i got those!) hello kitty sticker from an old calendar; letter stickers: sei, chatterbox, k&co, miss elizabeth; outlined with zig pen)

text reads:


13 years
3 general managers
countless employees
1 fatality
1 relocation
3 spinny chairs
1 tetanus shot
9,000,000 customer complaints (MORE!)
(note: i mean TO me...not *about* me!)
2 transfers
2 "fifty year" floods
3 closed stores
1 arsonist
1 flasher
1 robbery
1 "stake out" (SUCCESSFUL!)
2 rat pack posters
more friendships than i can count
more movies than i can remember
less pay than i deserve (WAAAAAY less!)
...i could quit...but HOW could i...



more pages to come as i finish them. but i have to say already it feels good to be working on this again!

*because sometimes ya just gotta give yourself a stern talkin' to, knowwhatimean??? of course you do. so if you are currently beating yourself up about something...KNOCK IT OFF...figure out what the next step is...and just get started! and if anyone gives you a hard time, you just send them 'round to me, ok?! ok. i'm glad that's settled. as you were, people.


  1. that is awesome Lauren!!! anything with hello kitty is fab in my book:)

  2. It's cool that you are getting back to this book. And yes, just set the goal and take baby steps to get there.

    I missed out on the Paper Adventures in 2008, and I do not really want to start at Week 1 and just do it on my own, KWIM? I asked her mid-year if she planned to do another one, but alas, she was not.

    Hey! Why don't YOU host 2009? Oh, yeah, baby, what a FAB idea! I vote for Laurent to host Paper Adventures 2009! Anyone second that motion?


    Word Verif = urgonnal. Urgonnal what?

  3. I've been meaning to go back into your blog...I just "met" you a smidge ago and I need to find out more about this Paper Adventure...Fabulous crack me up! Flasher? Oy Vey...

  4. I second Leslie's nomination. If you win, I promise to do Paper Adventure too. I need a good if it isn't challenge enough that I am still scrapbooking 2005 of J&K. Hey, at least my f-i-l's book is complete through 2007 :) And I have not started our Disney trip from a whole year ago now...

    Anyway, the arsonist, flasher, and robbery sound scary. Can we hear more about the stakeout? Your life seems way more interesting than mine :)

  5. Um I agree with all the aforementioned motions:

    1) seriously, Hello Kitty in a convertible?! When did she get cooler than me? (who am I kidding; I'm not cool enough for that!)

    2) you should most def host a paper adventure of sorts (although, I am a supporter of Elise because, after all, she was the president of my sorority)

    3) What kind of c-r-a-z-y cool job do you have?! Flashers and arsonists?! The most exciting thing that happened at my work was when a burrito exploded in the microwave... and the only thing that came out of that was that now there's a sign on the microwave asking everyone to watch their own lunch as it cooks! Ish.



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