Saturday, January 3, 2009


they're not just for christmas anymore!!!

no sirree, bob. in fact, monstas enjoy most types of celebrations, including, but not limited to: major and minor holidays, weddings, anniversaries, bar- & bat-mitzvahs, (the blue ones do an especially good version of "hava nagila"!) presidential innaugurations, and the third tuesday of any given month. (i'm not entirely sure what the significance of that last one is...but hey...they make EXCELLENT margaritas, so i just go with it!)

however, as it turns out, the occasion monstas like best is a birthday!


(monsta cut from paperchase giftwrap; patterned paper: basic grey, love elsie, creative imaginations, paper co; epoxy sticker: love elsie; other: dymo labeller, colorbox inks, zig pen, foam tape)

we are in the midst of computer re-organization here in monstaville. so far we've re-partitioned one hard drive, and done a bunch of cleaning out, updating & re-organizing of files. next up is the addition of an external hard-drive for photos and music, as well as general backing up of systems. we've been on- and off-line intermittently during this process, so if i don't surface again this weekend, you'll know what happened! if i'm not back by wednesday, can somebody please send a st. bernard bearing chocolate cake, prozac, & the phone number for "geek squad"?! ta very much! :)


  1. LOL, you are too funny, I could send a St Bernard here...

    I still love your monsta's

  2. You crack me up! VERY cute card. ;-)

    That reminds me: I need to back up the ole hard drives myself. Sigh, a woman's work is never done...

  3. Okay, now how cute is that?! A Monsta coming out of a ginormous basic grey cupcake!!!! How fun with all that techie stuff...not my forte hence why I'm dating a techie :)

  4. This is monstalicious. Yum! This reminds me that I am perilously low on birthday cards myself. Giant cupcake has been one of my faves :)

  5. You have the funniest blog and the best cards....and love the new profile picture! NO dogs here, and I pretend to know about computers but I could send you some Midol and a Mars bar, would that work???

  6. Haha! You're the funniest paper crafter ever! Love this card! :)

  7. your monsta card cracks me up Lauren!!!

  8. D'you know I can't think of a single occasion when a monsta card wouldn't be appropriate? .... well .... possibly a bereavement .... but on the other hand it would lighten the mood somewhat, don't you think??

    Thanks for the lovely postcard, thanking me for the cards - shall we be seeing any DC projects on your blog any time soon .... they're not just for playing with you know! (Especially not when you have a spare Ace!)



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