Monday, June 24, 2024

ICAD2024: Week 4

Another week has rushed by at lightning speed, and here are my ICADs! For more information, inspiration and loads of samples visit @llaurenb and/or @indexcardaday and/or @gypsy999 on Instagram; or check out the Daisy Yellow Art Blog!

ICAD24-24: Mandala Monday

It's a Diamond Dogs Mandala Monday thanks to a leftover diamond-shaped piece of patterned paper leftover from last week's Argyle card, lots and lots of diamondy and circley Letter It Fineliner Doodles, and a few coordinating Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

ICAD24-23: Hummingbird

Super-literal take on the prompt, featuring the eponymous winged creature, a vintage slidemount, some nectar-y flowers, a scrap of leftover map, and some trading stamps... all atop a pale blue, repro library checkout card.

ICAD24-22: Tulip

I was flicking through a vintage nature encyclopedia for some tulips when I stumbled upon this Tulip Shell and let it pivot me into a completely different collage-ical direction!

ICAD24-21: Crystal

At least once a year I try to draw some gems or crystals and I've never felt like I got the facets right, but this one is pretttttty good, lol! It turns out the secret might be to just draw them really really quickly without giving very much thought or care to the process... who knew??!

ICAD24-20: Gold

 I’ve approached "GOLD" via doodles… using three types of gold pen: Posca, Zig Dot Marker, and the good old Gellyroll Metallic. Not the fanciest thing I've ever made, but it was fun to draw and I love how the three pens each have their own version and shade of gold.

ICAD24-19: Alternating

A super-simple, doodle-centric idea, alternating stripes of violet and pale blue Tombow on a gridded index card; with alternating doodles in black Letter It Fineliner or white Posca pen.

ICAD24-18: Beach

I found this pre-watercolored heavy divider card in my ICAD box and added undulating strips of sand and froth; the latter being layers of torn vintage paper of varying patinas brushed with a little bit of Stickles Glitter Glue (the shade is Waterfall, appropriately enough) from Ranger, then machine-stitched for extra texture. 


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