Monday, June 17, 2024

ICAD Round-Up (wk3)

Another week has flown past... June is more than halfway over... and the Index Card Art just keeps coming!

 ICAD24-17: Mandala Monday
It's a Multi-Layered Mandala Monday, featuring hand-cut shapes made from neon and pastel index cards... with Posca Paint Pens singin' backup.

 ICAD24-16: Ivy
A zendoodle-y take on today's prompt of Ivy, on a lined and tabbed pistacio green index card.

 ICAD24-15: Terrazzo
A very loose take on terrazzo, as if we used chips of mandalas, rather than the more traditional marble or granite. Ok that's a really weird metaphor, but let's not overthink it.

 ICAD24-14: Off-Prompt
It's a super-simple rainbow cascade made with Tombow Dual Brush pens and outlined in Letter It Fineliners from Ranger. When in doubt, use ALL the colors!!! ♥

 ICAD24-13: Lost and Found
A gridded collage made up of scraps and snippets laying on my work table, with machine stitching on top. For the record, at any given time, I could probably compose an entire week's worth of gridded collages made up of scraps and snippets laying on my work table.

 ICAD24-12: Ellipse

Ellipse doodles on a gridded card which Tammy G. pointed out turned into a bit of an Ellipse Mandala repeating pattern. Drawn atop blended stripes of Archival Inks in Blue Sky, Sunflower and Tea Rose.

 ICAD24-11: Orange
Various orange shades of Archival Ink blocks, with doodles, on an orange index card. Orange you glad I didn't say, "Banana"?!


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