Tuesday, April 9, 2024

SOS519: Shower Me With Sunshine

You may well have guessed, from the title, "Shower Me With Sunshine" that the brief this fortnight at Shopping Our Stash is to make a Bridal Shower or Baby Shower card. I chose the latter, see?

This is indeed the stashiest of cards, I don't think a single item is less than two or three years old. I know the green gingham background was from a line P13 did a few years ago; most of the other bits and bobs are much older. I *think* the white knitted paper and the one with the blocks were purchased to make a card welcoming our grandnephew, Hudson (he was born in 2018, which seems like five minutes ago but he's nearly SIX years old!) and I know I've had the three styles of Eyelet Outlet Brads long enough for them to have gone out of print. The baby clothes were cut from small pieces of patterned paper I stole (AHEM!) rescued (that's better!) from the Paper Anthology scrap bag. The miniscule buttons and star were in the Box of Miscellaneous Tiny Things I might need someday.*

I'd love for you to hop over to SOS to see the magnificent makes our clever Crew have whipped up to inspire you; then start thinking of the Baby Shower or Wedding Shower card YOU will link up with us. The "Shower Me With Sunshine" challenge (SOS519) runs until Monday evening, April 22nd.

*Pretty sure EVERY papercrafter has a Box of Miscellaneous Tiny Things, am I right? No? Just me??! 


  1. Lauren: I saw this adorably cute card in FB and wanted to let you and your SOS team know about my newish challenge blog called Heart's Quest Celebrations of Love Challenges. The monthly themes are always engagements, WEDDINGS, and anniversaries. And April's optional celebratory event theme is birthdays/new birth. It would great to have you and your DT creativity shared there if you wish.

  2. Adorable card love your use of the brads. Your stash is as old as mine. LOL.


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