Friday, April 5, 2024

More Cookies? (Yes, Please!)

Over at Jingle Belles, we're still creating holiday cards inspired by this fabulous collection of holiday cookies from Kristen's Cookies, and you're still invited to join the fun. Remember, when you share your card, we'd like for you to let us know which cookie you chose, and how it inspired you! 

This week I went with the pink cookie (how could I not?!) with the cute Santa...

...and once again my inspiration was partially informed by the fact that I was convinced I had a very similar Santa image. As it turns out, I had a Doodlebug Santa that was in a completely different style, but... it was already on a PINK journal card, so I just went with the flow! I began with the intention of going super-minimal and using a plain pink background with rounded corners, but then I remembered I'm *ME* lol, so I threw in a few pink patterned paper layers and added in the sentiment that I had cropped off of the journal card.

Head over to Jingle Belles to see the fabulous Readers' Gallery so far and start planning your own cookie-centric card!

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