Thursday, December 30, 2021

Ready for the New Year

One of my favorite last-week-of-December tasks of the last few years has been finishing the current Traveler's Notebook and setting up for the New Year. For the last two years I've used a Monthly Diary to record all of my creative assignments and a Weekly Vertical (with facing Memo pages) for basic memorykeeping and a little art journaling. On the principle of, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" I've stuck with that same format again. Here's a fond farewell to 2021:


December 2021 is all filled in, with lettering in Karin Brushmarkers and some fun Michelle Ward x TIP New York themed stamps. The rest of the months of 2021 are available as a slideshow (because honestly, one of the pleasures of working in my TN in each month is how much fun it is to see the whole year in review!) just hop over to The Ink Pad's Instagram feed to check that out. 

Meanwhile, I've set up for 2022 with a new library card tucked into the pocket of my Notebook Refill Cover. 

Here's the set up for January 2022, with lettering via StencilGirl's Vintage Typewriter Lower Case Stencil by Carolyn Dube using half a dozen colors of Distress Oxide Ink; plus some very fun Rose and Roo Washi Tapes in coordinating colors. The daily squares are ready to to be filled in as I complete each project.

Finally a hand-typed inspirational quote and some lovely Pepin Stickers from the Art Forms in Nature and Natural History books. Oh and how cute is that Typewriter Sticker?

I hope your last week of December will be filled with the joy of finishing up a few projects, and looking forward to 2022. Happy New Year! 

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